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IP Ratings
IP Ratings

IP Ratings is a Waterproof / Resistant Mobile Phone. Are waterproof really waterproof? What numbers are these measuring? Let’s talk about these standards.

IP Ratings, or Ingress Protection or International Protection, are the world’s most popular and officially recognized solutions for water and water to the extent that they are fully functional after exposure to A certificate.

You can measure not only the water but also the number of solids involved. Once the standard has been met, the standard IP rating will be available to any electronic device.

Classification of IP rating 

The IP Ratings are basically two digits. But four-digit ratings can be given in special cases. It’s less used.

 In 2 Digits Ratings, the ‘IP’xx’ indicates that the first X letter denotes the extent to which Dust can protect against damage. This appreciation can be seen from 1 to 6. Then the second X value indicates how much water can be protected from various stress conditions. The value of this is from 1 to 9


Some electronic devices only have a Dust Certificate. Then the certificate is issued as IP1x, IP2x, and so on. Others only provide quality assurance to minimize water damage. Authentication comes in the form of IPx4, IPx7, and so on. In addition to these, we have seen that most of the tests have a certificate of completion. That means IP57, IP67, IP68.


There is something special to note here. Suppose we have an IP68 certificate on a mobile phone. But IP 68 does not protect the device from all the underlying protection, such as IP x6, x7, and all other water safety conditions. (This is not applicable to Dust.) If an electronic device has an IP68, it can obtain the IPx7 certificate separately. It’s a little complicated. If you read it correctly you will understand.

When it comes to the real world, we personally care about water damage to the mobile phone. So most people who are aware of this are trying to buy a phone with IP certification. But the problem is that the mobile phone is not 100% waterproof, with a wide range of electronic components and various openings (Charging port, 3.5 port, MIC hole, etc.). This is common with any mobile phone with IP67 or 68.

A notable event in this regard was the transfer of all mobile phones mentioned in the popular GSMArena website IP67 or IP68 as ‘Waterproof’ to the word ‘Water Resistant’. The reason is that some of the phones that were mentioned as Waterproof were also damaged by water. Even high-end phones, such as the iPhone X, Galaxy S9 +, have been hit by water. You can’t see a single cell phone on the GSMArena website that says ‘Waterproof’.

 So regardless of how much water your cell phone is safe to use, consider a bathtub, not twice, but three times, when settling into a river. But having an IP certificate ensures that you can use it freely in the rain and in the bathroom.

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