Smartphone Display

Mobile phone display
Smartphone display

One of the most important parts of the smartphone is the display on the phone.

Usually, the display on your Smartphone is an IPS panel, AMOLED, TFT, TFD, STN, or CSTN.

Whatever the name shows on the smartphone, they belong mainly to two parts. That’s LCD and LED

IPS and TFT or TFD are three parts of the LCD. Super AMOLED is a display featuring LED technology. There’s another story in the shows called active-matrix and passive matrix technology. In Active Matrix, there is a transistor for each pixel of the display. So the pixel can be individually turned on or off. As a result, the response time of the display is faster, and the contrast is higher compared to passive matrix displays.

LCD (liquid crystal display)

Power consume more and more expensive compared to LED. TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor) is made to enhance image quality over standard LCDs. IPS LCD (In-Plane Switching LCD) in this display, viewing angles and color reproduction is more than just a TFT panel. The IPS panel is better than TFT. TFT LCD or IPS LCD is both display types with Active Matrix technology. STN / CSTN is also a type of LCD. STN displays are black & white, and CSTN displays are the color version. Lower-end devices use these types of displays. In those displays, Image quality is cheap, inexpensive, and energy-inefficient.


AMOLED-Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode Stand.

This display has a thin layer of organic polymers that light up when it has energy. AMOLED saves a lot of energy compared to LCD. AMOLED performs best with black compared to LCD. The whites of the LCD are better than the AMOLED. If you read documents from a lot of phones or tabs, you have to have an IPS LCD. If your phone has an AMOLED panel, put a black color on the background, and the battery savings will be higher than before. AMOLED displays are only on portable devices. That means phones and tablets.


OLED displays are mostly on TVs. LG TVs often have an OLED display. AMOLED does not use large items because of their high cost of production. AMOLED viewing angles are better than LCDs. And the contrast is too much. But it’s harmful to the Eye in AMOLED displays compared to LCD. 

Samsung owns super AMOLED technology. They have more direct sunlight than Normal AMOLED. Apple phones use IPS LCDs. But the iPhone X has a Samsung’s super AMOLED. Samsung’s flagships and many high-end devices have Super AMOLED displays. Also, when you pick up a phone or tab, you need to look at the PPI or pixel per inch of the display. The display quality of 350ppi+ is on average good.

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