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Recently there was a big talk about microwaves being carcinogenic. But the story was later found to be untrue. A microwave oven that is properly maintained and uses only microwaveable containers is not harmful. In a busy life, the microwave has become an indispensable commodity. Most people buy a microwave oven, but they don’t know what kind of microwave oven they want. We’re going to tell you a few things you need to know when you’re thinking of buying a microwave 

Size of the Microwave Oven

You can get microwave ovens from various formats. But first, decide on the size of the microwave you need. As your needs vary according to the number of members in your family. For a small family of three or two members, a small oven is enough. Make sure the inside of the oven is enough to hold a pot that can warm up to three meals. Normal family of 2- 4 members with an average capacity of 15 to 20 liters and The 25-liter high capacity microwave is suitable for a family of 4-6 members.

Identify your need

There are several types of microwave ovens.

Solo / Basic Microwave – This Basic Microwave can be used to cook, heat, and defrost food. This basic microwave is inexpensive. Basic microwave ovens should fit if someone who already owns a regular oven can take a microwave.

Microwave with Grill – A microwave oven with a grill can grill in addition to a basic microwave oven. These stoves are a bit more expensive than a basic one.

Convection Microwave – heat the oven from the built-in fan and maintain a balanced temperature inside the oven. Convection Microwave can take the baking what the previous two microwave ovens can’t. This oven is best for anyone who doesn’t have a regular oven.


When buying a microwave oven, take a closer look at the efficiency. The higher the effectiveness, the better the efficiency of the microwave, and the less time it takes to cook. So if you are busy, you can get the efficiency you expect from a high-efficiency microwave. But increasing efficiency means that the cost of electricity increases. For regular use, an oven with a capacity of 1000-1600 watts is sufficient.

Other features of a Microwave Oven

Protection of young children – Some microwaves include a password or code, and the oven door opens. This feature allows children to avoid accidents because they are hot inside a microwave while cooking. 

Auto Cooker – Once you have selected the type of food you are cooking without setting the timer, there are microwave ovens that can cook.

Panel Type – You can select the panel or control portion of the microwave oven for your convenience. There are three types of panels: Feather Touch, Mechanical, and Tact Dial. Feather Touch Panel can be used to operate your phone with a touch screen. A Tactical Dial or Mechanical Panel is best if you always use an oven for the purpose.

Microwave Oven appropriate containers

Use special microwave ovens that are to your health. Normal plastic, glass, or porcelain containers are not suitable for microwaving. Keep in mind that although there are microwaveable plastic containers, it is best to only microwave porcelain or glass containers.

Microwave-proof glass and porcelain have a sign or a microwave safe. Otherwise, it is not advisable to microwave the jars.

If microwave-safe containers are damaged or cracked, remove them from use. Also, do not insert foil jars with microwave ovens. There can burn in the foil microwave.

Pricing and Purchasing

You can buy a microwave from any electrical appliances marketplace. But it is more advantageous to buy from a responsible company. Purchasing from a place of proper warranty will increase the service you can get later.

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